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New Release! - February 14, 2023

ASH - Hel's Ink Book Three

“Did I just see a hot chick running down the road with a live chicken under her arm?”



Commitment is not my thing nor do I want it to be.

After the things I’ve been through with women, I have sworn off relationships.

There’s only ever been one woman that I thought I felt pulled to and I blew it. Not only was it the best date of my life, it was also the worst night of my life. 

Since then, I have become a nail and bail kind of guy. 

But then Sunday Sutton bursts back into my life, and ends up living with her son and their pet chicken across the hall from me.

There is no avoiding her or her radiant presence – everyone at the shop loves her, my sister loves her. Every time I open my mouth, I make it worse. But when I need a date to a wedding, Sunday is the only one that I can think I would want to be there with me.

In fact, she’s the only one I want to be with anywhere.



Ash Johnson is unbelievable. He’s arrogant, conceited, self-absorbed and he’s everything I do not want in my life.

We had one night, years ago, and ever since he has been awful towards me.  Well, I am sick of him and his nonsense.  It doesn’t matter anyways, my son and I have a few more months until we are back home in Alabama. 

But when I find myself living across the hall from him, I can’t help but be caught up in his charm.

Ash could be easy to love, if only he would let people in to see the real him, and not this shallow version of himself he projects.


Something for Everyone


About DJ Krimmer


Author & Artist

Sarcastic potty-mouth, neurodivergent hot mess, full-time author. 
When DJ isn't fighting off the annoying side effects of ADHD or the worst case of imposter syndrome known to writer-kind, they're weaving contemporary romance stories filled to the brim with imperfect alphaholes and witty females whose love conquers every hurdle thrown their way. 
In her books, representations of the imperfect sides of life are not hidden in the shadows, they're front and center, a reminder that everyone deserves a happy ending.

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