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Rowe Brothers Ranch Book One

"She has the heart of a saint and the body of a sinner."


A friend needed a favor. I needed a safe place and job until I was ready to start over. I found myself on a ranch in Virginia with a stubborn old man for a patient. After what happened to me five years ago, I don’t trust easily, if at all. Women and old men on their deathbeds? Bee’s knees, no problem. Outside of that, my walls are up. They are high, made of steel, and I will defend them at all costs. I am here to do a job. Nothing more. Jackson Rowe sees through my walls, though, and I don’t like it. Until I do. But what he doesn’t know is I see through his, too.


My mother calls her a saint; my dying father calls her girlie; my siblings call her Hellraiser. Ozzy Davenport is all of that and more. She’s got a firecracker for a mouth, a sharp mind, and a body that fills out her nurses’ scrubs in a way I should not have noticed. I am confused by her. This woman, stunning for all that she is different from this place, yet she somehow fits right in. She protects herself so fiercely, and it makes me both protective of her and intrigued by her. Who is she, and what is she afraid of? I want to know more, but will it tear us apart before we’ve even had a chance?

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Content & Trigger Warnings

- Kidnapping (memories)

- Assault & Abuse

- Sex Trafficking

- Sick Parent

- Graphic Scenes of Rape & Violence 

- C-PTSD Flashbacks

-Anxiety & Depression

- Grief

- Child Abandonment

- Death

- Explicit Language 

- Explicit Sexual Situations

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