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Must Love Cat

Sapphic Novella


I like simplicity, calmness and I love routine. So you can imagine how much I disliked having to find a new place to live and a new roommate. River is cluttered, she is a tornado of personality, sarcasm and nerdiness that makes my left eye twitch. Not to mention her hellcat, Gizmo, who wants to kill me in my sleep. But, once I looked past the wall of sarcastic remarks and attitude, I saw the real her, the one that she couldn’t show to the world and seeing her in that light became a drug.


I have a five year plan. Keep my head down, work myself up the ladder at the law firm and keep my ass tucked neatly in the closet until I can support myself without my parents' help. It was going perfect, that is until Emily walked into my loft, critiquing my grammar and telling me exactly why the Ravenclaw house was far less superior than Hufflepuff. She irritated me, like an itch I couldn’t scratch, until she wasn’t. Then she became the person that made me want to throw away my five year plan for, but how could I? How could I throw my career, my life away for my roommate?


Content & Trigger Warnings

- Homophobia

- Explicit Language 

- Explicit Sexual Situations 

- Talks of Harry Potter (this was written prior to learning about the author)

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