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Rowe Brothers Ranch Book Two


“You just need a break.”

As the lead cellist in a world-renowned orchestra, the idea of taking a break at the peak of my career is as laughable as it is ridiculous. Fate has other ideas though and here I am, on my forced break, stuck in a snowbank after hitting black ice, in the middle of who knows where. I wake up to a warm bed and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, nursed back to health on an isolated ranch run by Theo and her brothers. While I recover, I find myself watching her, wanting to learn more about her, and I crave her touch.

There’s just one problem… I’m engaged.


It’s not everyday you get to be a knight in shining armor, but here I am, shining away. I came upon a car accident on my way to the ranch and discovered the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Lennon is everything I could ever want, but she’s hiding a pain and darkness inside her. The secrets she’s keeping are driving us apart, but the longer she’s here, the more I want to heal her. The more I want her to stay.

Wayward Placeholder.jpg

Content & Trigger Warnings

- Abusive Relationship 

- Physical Abuse 

- Manipulation

- Gaslighting

- Suicidal Ideation

- Stroke

- Depression 

- Strong Language 

- Sexually Explicit

- Attempted Drowning

- Drug Withdrawals 

- Amputation

- Car Accident 

- Homophobic Slurs

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