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A Dark Sapphic Novella

Triggers - Anxiety & Depression, Mentions of LGBTQIA+ Religious Conversion, Assault, Infidelity, ED/Fatphobia, Homophobia, Domestic Abuse, SA, PTSD - Military, Rape - Off Page, Threats of Animal Harm, Attempted Murder

On the surface, I had perfected my disguise. I would stay home, take care of the house, and play the role of a doting wife. And although things weren’t perfect, I made them appear they were. I’d conceal the bruises, make up stories for the tears, and always keep the truth of what happened behind closed doors with my husband to myself.
Until her. 
Nora saw through my charade and woke something inside me I didn’t even know existed. Being with her is wrong, and the feelings I’m developing are even worse, but how do I say no to someone that
makes me feel so alive?

Moving to the sleepy suburbs was the change I feel I needed after the military.
I’d settle in, work at my brother's tattoo shop, and try to remember what life was like before, all while appeasing my therapist. What I wasn’t expecting though was Kaitlin. I could tell there was more to her than she said when she came to welcome me to the neighborhood, but I never expected the skeletons she would lay at my feet. I know she’s off-limits and I’m no home-wrecker, but my feelings for her are impossible to ignore.

Closing the Distance


Triggers - Abuse. Violence. Sexually Explicit

Trope(s) - Age Gap - Small Town - Long Distance

"I can promise you this. As long as you want me around, I'll be here to remind you what a beautiful and amazing person you are."

Being a survivor of abuse, a single mom, and not fitting into society's version of attractive– I never thought I would hear those words, especially from someone who was my nemesis on my plant enthusiast message board. So when Jack Kettler, a man much older than I, took notice of me and treated me in a way I had only seen on tv, I couldn’t help but want to open myself up, just one more time.

Two weeks – that’s what we agreed to. I would fly across the country to be with Jack for two weeks to see if what we were feeling over the phone was more than just a crush. So what I got when I walked through the small Kentucky airport was not what I expected. One dark secret after another made me question who Jack was, what I was getting myself into, and if what I was feeling in my heart was strong enough to survive what I would have to sacrifice for us to be together.

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