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Part of my job is to keep these guys in line and out of trouble, but Troy Forrester might just be my biggest challenge yet. He’s brash, cocky, confident, and I can’t help but pay a little more attention to him than the rest of the team. He’s alone. Like me. It only takes one phone call to unravel the secrets I’ve been keeping, and nothing will ever be the same again. I can’t afford to risk my job or my health. We can only ever have one night, one of us might not even be here tomorrow. 



My days of partying and chasing women are getting fewer the closer I get to retirement. I’ve put my body through hell to be a top player in the NHL. River ‘Mama’ Davis is out to get me. She’s determined to make sure that I stay on the straight and narrow for the rest of the season. Except she makes sure I have everything I need and pays attention to the little things, like my sweet snack I need every night. She’s keeping secrets and when I find out what she’s hiding, I know I need to take care of her—in every way I can. River is a thorn in my side, but she’s my thorn. 


Duet Narration by Jake Bordeaux & Paige Reisenfeld

1 hr 19 mins


Contains Adult Language & Explicit Sex


Virgin FMC

Hockey Romance

One Night 


Slapshot Audiobook

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