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Hel's Ink Book Five

Friends with benefits - nothing more


As the lead piercer at Hel’s Ink, I’ve gained skills, made friends, and accepted the chaos that is my family. Finally, good things are coming my way, and I am feeling confident, maybe a little too confident, when I post a video to my socials describing the toxicity and abuse that is all too frequent in my industry and the life I left behind. After it goes viral, I get threats that move from on-screen to real life and I’m forced to come to terms with needing help. Pushed into the protective arms of a man I can’t stand, but whose body I crave. He wants more, but I’m not even sure what it is I want, or if I even have anything left to give. 


After finding out that Stevie Campbell is being harassed over her viral video, I step up to keep her safe and protect her from the increasingly real and frightening threats she’s getting. Hel’s has become a family to me and Stevie, well, she’s become my entire world. Our physical chemistry is a perfect match, but as we get closer, I’m falling harder and she’s pulling away. I’d do anything for her, give her everything… if only she’d believe in herself the way I do.

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